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Yearly Archives: 2012

Google Panda Refresh – 21st November 2012

Another refresh, soon these will become daily!!! Google has confirmed a Panda Refresh on Wednesday 21st November. This update is supposed to have affected 0.8% of English queries... Roll on the next update ;)
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Google Releases Panda Update 21 – 5th November 2012

A little tremor in the SERP's, the Panda has been at it again!! Google confirmed that this was a Panda update, and they say it has a 0.4% impact worldwide and a slightly higher 1.1% for those searching in English in the US. But hey can we really trust these percentages?! I have seen slight…
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Google Algo Update: Page Layout – October 9th 2012

We had seen he previous page layout update in January of this year, which looked to filter out sites that contained a lot of ads above the fold. Not sure whether this was an algo change or whether it was just a refresh like panda we had recently. We have been seeing lots of minor…
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Another Penguin Update – Oh No!! – October 5th 2012

We all expected the worst from this update... but i think most of us survived this SLAP from Google... This was only a minor update, said to impact "0.3% of queries" This is update number 3 from our friend Penguin! Lets hope future updates are only this small... but we can only hope......
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