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Monthly Archives: June 2013

How to Download Every Backlink Using Majestic

Majestic Site Explorer doesn’t show you EVERY back link we know about – but we do have a report that does. This post shows how to download every backlink we know about… and even more that we didn’t. The Download All Backlinks Report. When you initially type in a URL into Majestic, we start in…
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The 3 Steps for Success in a Multi-device Search World

We live in a multi-device world, and if you're still focused on improving your visibility, traffic, and conversions solely for desktop users, you're losing a great opportunity. This gap, coupled with the fact that you're probably staying behind your competitors and unconnected with your audience, is not great for business. Not convinced? Let's see some…
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Majestic Site Explorer is Now Free – Just Verify Your Domain!

Snippet from their site: Today we are making Majestic Site Explorer free for verified domains. We are also removing restrictions on how often you can use Site Explorer for paying users (subject to a fair use policy). Other changes include layout improvements and some new stuff for all users – but I expect that the…
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Google Announces Image Extensions for AdWords!

Google have announced the official beta for Image extensions for AdWords, as reported by many this has now been spotted online over the past weeks and months. So what does this mean? It basically means along with your PPC advert you can add some images to attract visitors to click. This means that the real…
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