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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Google Webmaster Tools Showing More Link Data!

Google have told us that they will be rolling out some additions within Google Webmaster Tools, one of which is additional link data. Here is Google official announcement Google Webmaster Tools Blog Post. They have made this change based on feedback from the community, so that site owners can have a better view of their…
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Google adds ANOTHER way to verify Authorship – WordPress

This has to be a massive sign from  Google, they have pushed Authorship making it easier and easier to implement. They have created testing tools to help you also, i can't think of anything else Google has tried to help people with. I mean take Google Analytics there is no way to test Analytics you…
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No Follow links won’t hurt you – UNLESS?!!!

So Mr Cutts says that No Follow links won't hurt  you unless they are on a huge scale. What does "huge scale" mean?! Let me know if you can work it out. Once again very vague, but i suppose we can't expect anything more from the secretive Google Team! I was always under the impression…
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Affected by Panda? Cutts has the answer!!

Watch this magical video and it will cure all your Panda related issues! Really?!! Do you believe me? I wouldn't... This is yet another vague video released yesterday focussing on Panda being integrated into the index process and that's about it really... [video type="youtube" clip_id="NxJEUYjTPw8" width="640" height="480" autoplay="false" autohide="false" controls="true" disablekb="false" fs="false" hd="false" loop="false" rel="false" showsearch="false" showinfo="false"]
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