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Yandex Metrica Web Analytics Software Review

I wanted to introduce you all to Yandex... No not the search engine! They also have an analytics package called Yandex Metrica and it costs absolutely nothing! It is totally free!! This obviously makes it so much better :) I saw a demo of this at a recent conference and decided to try it out…
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Google Speed Update Algorithm starting in July 2018

Google announced that a new ranking algorithm specifically for mobile search called "Speed Update" affecting a small percentage of queries. This is to force anyone one with a website to basically speed it up, else they will lose traffic from Google as they will be ranked lower in the mobile SERPs. As we know mobile…
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How can Apple get it so WRONG???

I never saw this day coming! Apple getting it wrong! As we all know Apple are masters at making money and getting us to buy all their sexy gadgets with the sexy accessories to go with it. Not mentioning making us buy charging cable after charging cable, when Nokia managed to make chargers in the…
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