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Free Site-wide Markup Validation Tool –

For those of us who are "OCD" about our websites being W3C compliant!! There is W3Clove - a site-wide markup validation tool! I'm surprised this isn't a more popular tool... So you no longer have to check each page individually, you can check the whole site and best of all its an online tool. No…
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My Belated Xmas Gift -iPhone iOS 5.01 Untethered Jailbreak

Just a few days after Christmas and it's here the long-awaited iOS 5.01 Jailbreak! I have personally completed the process and Jailbroken my iphone! A big smile now on my face... It's been a long wait! It doesn't take long at all especially if you have iOS 5.01 already installed. The jailbreak is simply done…
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