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VWO GTM Google Analytics Free Script

Here is a script I have created to help the flow of data between VWO and Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. This helps by not having to create a dimension for every test you setup, instead this automatically creates the required tags via a script. Start of by creating the following Variables (Type: DataLayer)…
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CRO Analysis Excel Sheet

I have created a CRO Analysis Excel Sheet so that you can store all of your A/B Test information in one document. This also calculates all the different metrics so that you can analyse your test in detail and be confident in your results. This particular document calculates: Standard Error Z-Score P-Value Z-Critical Observed Power…
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How can Apple get it so WRONG???

I never saw this day coming! Apple getting it wrong! As we all know Apple are masters at making money and getting us to buy all their sexy gadgets with the sexy accessories to go with it. Not mentioning making us buy charging cable after charging cable, when Nokia managed to make chargers in the…
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Did the original mobile SERPs design win Google’s CRO test?

So for the past 6-8 weeks I've been seeing different SERP designs on mobile, at first I was a little confused as I saw a variation with all black text. I was thinking please don't let this be a permanent change!! I found it really hard to differentiate the different results, as the coloured title…
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