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Installed iOS7 Beta 3 for iPhone 5 – Free!

So minutes after posting the video about IOS7, i decided to see if i could get a beta version on my phone! At this point in time i have only seen the guides and am downloading the necessary files to update my device. I am currently downloading IOS7 Beta 3. Steps Download the latest firmware…
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Looking Forward to Apple’s IOS7

Not much to say apart from roll on "this autumn", as that is the only indication Apple have given us as to the release date of this gorgeous new interface. It definitely needed an upgrade to compete with Andriods interface, as the iPhone did start to look dated. I suppose they have had the sme…
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iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Is Nearly Here!!

According to Pod2G the long awaited 5.1 Untethred Jailbreak is very close to release! Pod2G. who has been actively working on iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak has updated us all with a good news. Hacker has successfully jailbreaked his iPhone 4 untethered on iOS 5.1. This is without any doubt a good news for everyone who…
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