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AdWords Switch Up – Google Removed the Right Column

Google has had a major switch up by removing the right column ads entirely and increasing the top spots from 3 to 4 ad listings. This has had a significant impact on CTR for both paid and organic, more so on competitive keywords. It looks like the Product Listing Ads have occupied this space, meaning…
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Just Google It!

A Brief Insight into Google Search Results I’m sure I don’t have to start off by telling you all what Google is… But, what I would like to talk to you about is why you see the results you do when you enter your search query, and also what that means for you! Google Results…
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Google Announces Image Extensions for AdWords!

Google have announced the official beta for Image extensions for AdWords, as reported by many this has now been spotted online over the past weeks and months. So what does this mean? It basically means along with your PPC advert you can add some images to attract visitors to click. This means that the real…
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SMX London: Paid Search Advertising in a Multi-Device World

Mobile ads, including those displayed on tablet devices, are growing faster and are more popular than ever, with some estimates suggesting they make up as much as 30% of all paid search volume. But mobile users have different needs and wants than desktop users, so your campaigns must be designed accordingly. This session features a…
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