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RankBrain Algorithm Update – October 2015

Google made an announcement revealing that machine learning had been a part of the algorithm for months, contributing to the 3rd most influential ranking factor. It is thought that this update was back in Spring 2015, much earlier than the announcement.
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Mobilegeddon Released by Google – April 22, 2015

Google had already warned us that this update and that it would be coming soon! It is finally here and launched on April 22 2015. So far the shifts haven't been massive from the sites that i have seen but it may be for the wider audience. Here is a study done by Search Engine…
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Pirate 2.0 — October 21, 2014

More than two years after the original DMCA/"Pirate" update, Google launched another update to combat software and digital media piracy. This update was highly targeted, causing dramatic drops in ranking to a relatively small group of sites. Google Pirate Update Analysis and Loser List (Searchmetrics) Google's New Search Downranking Hits Torrent Sites Hard (TorrentFreak)
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