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How to Download Every Backlink Using Majestic

Majestic Site Explorer doesn’t show you EVERY back link we know about – but we do have a report that does. This post shows how to download every backlink we know about… and even more that we didn’t. The Download All Backlinks Report. When you initially type in a URL into Majestic, we start in…
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Majestic Site Explorer is Now Free – Just Verify Your Domain!

Snippet from their site: Today we are making Majestic Site Explorer free for verified domains. We are also removing restrictions on how often you can use Site Explorer for paying users (subject to a fair use policy). Other changes include layout improvements and some new stuff for all users – but I expect that the…
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SMX London: Hardcore SEO Power Tools

As SEO grows more complex and the size of the sites you work on continue to grow, it’s more important than ever to have a set of high-quality tools that both give you a competitive edge and save you time. In this session, our experts discuss and share their favorites. Stacey Cavanagh, Head of Search,…
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