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HTTPS/SSL Sites Now Have a Ranking Edge!

So Google have told us by going HTTPS/SSL will provide the site with a ranking boost (but only a minor one). Google have mentioned that this factor is only very small and high quality content is still the key and plays a much larger proportion in the final decision. They say that is has "fewer…
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Google adds ANOTHER way to verify Authorship – WordPress

This has to be a massive sign from  Google, they have pushed Authorship making it easier and easier to implement. They have created testing tools to help you also, i can't think of anything else Google has tried to help people with. I mean take Google Analytics there is no way to test Analytics you…
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Fix: Facebook Not Showing Correct Meta Title or Meta Description

  Have you just updated the Meta Title or Meta Description on your site... Then tried to share the link on Facebook... Did it still show up the old Meta Title or Meta Description? The reason for that is Facebook scrapes your pages every 24 hours... So wait 24 hours and try to share the link…
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