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SMX London: Paid Search Advertising in a Multi-Device World

Mobile ads, including those displayed on tablet devices, are growing faster and are more popular than ever, with some estimates suggesting they make up as much as 30% of all paid search volume. But mobile users have different needs and wants than desktop users, so your campaigns must be designed accordingly. This session features a discussion of the issues, and strategies and tactics you’ll need to succeed in a multi-device, always-on world

Google PPC Legacy Deadline - July 22nd 2013

Manny Rivas, Account Manager, aimClear (@mannyrivas)

Must Have Reports & Metrics

  • Device, GEO & Time of Day
    • Separating your CPC by GEO is a good way to look at data
    • Separating your CPC by Device (CTR, CPA, CPC)
    • Separating your CPC by Day of Week/Hour of Day
  • Legacy to Enhanced Timeline
    • Separate by GEO so you can bid by Region
    • Use negative (-100%) mobile to remove mobile search
    • just mobile search low desktop and mobile (300%)
    • Quality Score Tracking Scripts
  • Account Level Quality Score (tracking script for this)
  • Ad Performance Report (tracking script for this)
  • Keyword Performance Report (tracking script for this)


Alistair Dent, Head of PPC, Periscopix (@periscopix)

  • People don't care what device they use to get to you anymore
  • look at from the point are they "in" (home static) or "out" (on the move mobile)
  • don't guess multipliers, use conversion rates for this
  • need to look at multipliers for high st retailer:
    • keyword
    • proximity
    • opening hours
  • need to look at multipliers for professional services:
    • keyword
    • device
    • time of day
  • need to look at multipliers for google diuesssplay network
    • page content
    • website domain
    • browsing history


Jason Spievak, CEO, RingRevenue, Inc. (@spievak)

  • 90% of consumers search on one device and purchase on a different device
  • when basket value is over £100 people usually use phone - research online purchase offline
  • people pay more for call than click due to calls converting at a much higher percentage


Bill Dinan, President, Telmetrics (@Telmetrics)

  • PC Search and Mobile Search are totally different
  • Mobile customers look to:
    • location/stock
    • map/directions
    • reservations
  • 66% of uk mobile users do not have brand/product/service in mind when searching
  • directions, locations, phone numbers for mobile ads
  • Mobile used more for find and contact businesses
  • Tablets used for for price comparison etc

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