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Authorship – Why should you do it?

In this day and age it is imperative that we stand out from the crowd and one of the new ways that you can do this is through Authorship. Google+ and authorship mark up now gives you the opportunity to build and raise your profile on the internet by allowing you to include a photo of the author of the content next to the article search result.

Check out the example below:


What are the benefits of doing this?

Well it promotes you as an individual in many ways:

  • Eg as a picture of you will appear against content that you have written. This means that potential clients can recognise your work when browsing the web as they will see the same image next to all your work.
  • A link to your Google+ profile, where by users can look at all the content you have written (where you have set up author mark-up)
  • Google also recognises this and gives you a “vote” for the website that you have written the content for and any related linking sites.
  • People buy people so imagine the potential this has when people are looking for legal advice, a real person associated with a real piece of useful and valuable content is a powerful message

The more you write and spread your content over the internet, the more recognised you’ll become in the eyes of Google. This means your content will be favoured in the search results pages and you will appear at a higher position, thus boosting your online profile.

How to implement this?

This is really simple you just need a Google+ profile and an article, then you just have to link the two together. Please see link for a guide:

Don’t panic…

Google chooses when it will show people’s authorship next to articles and will not show photos everytime someone searches and finds your content in the search results. So for those of you who are going into panic mode about having your picture in search results it’s not as daunting as you think and we really will be missing a major trick by not doing this.


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