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Free Site-wide Markup Validation Tool –

For those of us who are "OCD" about our websites being W3C compliant!!

There is W3Clove - a site-wide markup validation tool!

I'm surprised this isn't a more popular tool...

So you no longer have to check each page individually, you can check the whole site and best of all its an online tool. No downloading of any software. Most importantly its totally free to use, no restrictions etc.

So visit and type in the domain for the website you wish to check...










I thought why not try, surely they would be W3C compliant!! Shocked by the result!!
470 Errors & 84 Warnings!! Maybe they can tell me why they don't bother?










Maybe i just take things too seriously... 🙂 - That aside - Great tool makes my life a lot easier!!

Are you W3C compliant? If not is there a reason as to why you're not bothered?

Let me know!!

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