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How to get Author Rich Snippets in WordPress Blog – Simple Guide

Well all you must have heard of by now... Right?

Ok you must have heard about Rich Snippets?.... No... Well i'm going to keep this guide short and sweet!!

I'm going to show you how to implement Author Rich Snippets in your WordPress blog.

Author Rich Snippet Example:

So its the image on the left that gets added to the SERP's - A nice little picture to keep you apart from the rest which should increase your CTR, unless you look anything like me then you'll see a decline!!


Step 1:

Create an 'About Me' page, or use your 'Author' Page and add the following HTML code to the page '<a href=”” rel=”me”>My Google+ Profile</a>'

Replacing 'yourprofilenumberhere' with your Google+ profile number (highlighted in RED below)


Step 2:

Each of your blog posts will need to point to your 'About Me' or 'Author' page with a specific attribute in the link. To do this in wordpress


Click on Appearance > Editor > Single Post (single.php)

Locate the code <div class="meta"> followed by <php the_author> <php the_date> or something similar to that. Replace that <div> section from <div class="meta"> to </div> with:

<div class=”meta”>Posted by <a rel=”author” href=”http://yourauthoraboutmepagefromstep1″><?php the_author(); ?></a> on <?php the_date();?></div>

Replace 'yourauthoraboutmepagefromstep1' with your actual URL.


Step 3:

This step is not so difficult so dont worry!!


Log in to your Google+ profile and click the 'Edit Profile' button.


Then add a link to your 'About Me' or 'Author' page from step one to the 'Contributor To' section, as you can see below.

As you can see my blog is added to that section.


That's it all done!! Now the testing part to see if you did everything correctly.


Testing Tool:

Webmaster Tools : Rich Snippets Testing Tool


Enter the URL of one of the blog posts you have linked to your author page and then click 'Preview', if you have done all the above correctly you should see something like below:

Now just wait till Google indexes the author image, i have seen it appear on sites within 4 months. I am still awaiting my blog (this site) to appear!! It has only been a month since i implemented it on this site though...

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