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A Brief Insight into Google Search Results

I’m sure I don’t have to start off by telling you all what Google is… But, what I would like to talk to you about is why you see the results you do when you enter your search query, and also what that means for you!

Google Results Layout Explanation

  • Paid results (shaded red in image)
  • Organic results (shaded in green in image)


The paid section can sometimes be expensive to advertise in and each time someone clicks your advert you will be a fee which is known as a “cost per click (CPC)”, whereas the organic section is free and doesn’t require payment but does require a huge effort on your part to increase the rankings.

How Google Orders the Organic Results

This is something I have previously spoken about and it’s all about how many votes your website/webpage has… Google has an algorithm (mathematical calculation) which they regularly update and which calculates what position you should sit at using various different factors… Whilst there are many many factors that Google takes into the account the ones that are most beneficial and can help right now are as follows:

  • Social Media (Shares, Likes, Tweets etc.) – An influential social media presence will go a long way to help you improve position in the rankings
  • Content – The more unique and expert content you have the better, this can be placed on our site or on other sites that then link back to you
  • Reviews – This gives potential clients an idea of how good our company is, and the more “good” reviews you have the more favourable Google is

The lesson to be learnt though is adhere to Google guidelines (bow down to Mr Cutts), don't spam and you SHOULD be safe. Although we have seen Google make some mistakes in the past with the algorithm changes.

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