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SEO Tips ‘n’ Tricks: Make sure you distribute your Anchor Text correctly!


Today i'm going to summarise an interesting blog i read on SEOMoz Blog. The post covered the topic of 'over optimisation' of Anchor Text, for example using only very few variations of Anchor Text to point to your page.

According to the post, the rule of thumb is 7:3 of Non-Targetted:Targetted Keywords should be used - Sounds mad doesn't it!!

So for example if we were trying to make the

URL/Page -

Rank for

Keyword(s) - 'sony bravia n12345', 'sony n12345', 'bravia n12345'

We should not just concentrate on creating backlinks for those keywords, but we should use other variants which are not directly related to the product itself.

Example Anchor Texts

  • Brand Name - The brand name is the anchor text, e.g. 'Sony'
  • Branded - The brand was included in the anchor text (these did not include anchors that were the brand name), e.g. 'Reliable TV Company','Great TV Design Company'
  • Keyword Branded - The anchor text combined a keyword (exact/phrase/partial match) and the Brand Name, e.g. 'loads of great sony bravia tvs on offer'
  • Exact Match - The anchor text exactly matches a keyword, e.g. 'Sony Bravia n12345'
  • Phrase - The anchor text contained a keyword phrase or partial match anchor text, e.g. 'really great sony tvs'
  • Random - The anchor text does not contain the brand or any keywords (or partial keywords), e.g. 'click here', 'this website'
  • URL - There were no actual anchors, it was just a URL, e.g. ''


This means that those people who are continuously targeting exact match Anchor Text's can start to vary the text in order to make the linking seem natural to Google.

Tools to Help

Open Site Explorer - Check current backlinks including the anchor texts
Google Doc - To help calculate the percentages

Original Blog Post by SEOMoz -

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