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SMX London: Advanced Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis Tactics

Doing keyword research? There are a range of tools you can – and should – consider. But don’t do your research in a vacuum – you also need to have a strong understanding of your competitors and what they consider to be their strongest keywords. This session looks how to perform better research to attract visitors and customers.

Kayden Kelly, CEO, Founder, Blast Analytics & Marketing

  • Mistake 1: Using no metrics
  • Mistake 2: Focusing on decide stage
  • Split Keywords into Early Stage, ,Decision
  • Find New Keywords Analytics, Competitors Websites, AdWords KeywordsTool
  • Analytics Word Cloud - Bottom Right
  • Tableau Analysis - Keyword Analysis Tool
  • Screaming Frog - Pulls keywords from competitors
  • Adwords Mistakes for Keyword Research
    • Mistake 1: Not Logged in to Adwords
    • Mistake 2: Using Broad Match instead of Exact
    • Mistake 3: People don't target High Competition and CPC Value
    • Mistake 4: Overlooking Seasonality
    • Mistake 5: Show More Add Groups at the bottom not clicking this link
    • Mistake 6: Not Using Keyword List Generator

Laura Thieme, CEO, Bizwatch (@bizwatchlaura)

  •  Threats on Keyword Analysis
      1. (Not Provided) - Can find this on GWT by linking GA and GWT
      2. *  - product listings in Google
  • Look at data KW>5% Visits and X% Conversion Rate (High Low)
  • Wordtracker - Keyword Tool
  • Use three metrics: Bounce Rate, Time Spent on Site, Page Views combined together

Pete Wailes, Operations Director, SEOgadget (@petewailes)

  • Ranking in Google is not Marketing
  • Look at Search Volume, Conversion Volume, Rankings (don't trust these)
  • Use MergeWords Tool (keyword research)
  • Data is NOT Reports

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