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SMX London: SEO & Google+

It’s been over a year since Google CEO Larry Page stated Google+ is the "new DNA" for all aspects of Google. Not yet convinced Google+ is worth the effort? This session is for you. We’ll examine the flexibility to connect with followers, features unique to Google+ that search marketers should know about, and the overall impact the platform has on social search.

Kevin Gibbons, UK Managing Director, BlueGlass Interactive (@kevgibbo)

  • on a set of client analysed 42.6% increase in organic (using G+)
  • on a set of client analysed 19.5% decrease in organic (not using G+)
  • verified results will be ranked higher (authorship)
  • probably see ghost writing more popular in coming months
  • relevancy of authorship link is taken into account
  • Find Authors: Google+ Ripples, Unofficial google+ recommended users, jobs.problogger, findpeopleonplus, journalisted, authorcrawler

Wayne Sleight, Director of Client Services, 97th Floor (@waynesleight)

  • G+ links within profile pass authority
  • How to increase PR of G+ (inside and outside)
    • outside: rel="author" tag
    • outside: links to G+ profile or posts
    • inside: posting in G+ communities
    • inside: people sharing your posts
    • inside: commenting on others posts
    • inside: people tagging you in their comments
  • Join communities and post articles/infographics in there as it will increase visibility and backlinks to your G+ profile
  • Look at people who share your content and look where they write and try to build relationship

Marcus Tober, CTO, Searchmetrics Inc. (@linkvendor)

  • Test Author Rich Snippets Pictures (Cyrus Shepard)
  • CTR is affecting rankings
  • majority of authors write for one domain
  • Tests were carried out to see if social signals really affect rankings - the outcome is it can increase rankings (temporary) and help indexation

Jim Yu, CEO, BrightEdge (@jimyu)

  • 500 million Google+ users
  • 235 million active Google+ users
  • 20% of brands have their Google+ page in SERPs
  • Auto industry uses Google+
  • H&M is Google+ biggest player
  • Mercedez-Benz, Nissan, Samsung promote Google through links to their profile pages on their websites
  • 5 Tips from Google+
    1. Think SEO keywords abd include relevant links on your about page
    2. Utilize the whole Google+ ecosystem (Communities, Hangouts, Apps, Events)
    3. Engage with relevant audiences (Build connections, post and share unique content)
    4. Optimize for search results (page level, keywords in post)
    5. Rich Snippet Authorship

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