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Was it a Panda? or was it a Penguin?

There are a few steps you can take to see which one of these Google animals has slapped you.

The easiest way is to launch Google analytics and look into the organic reporting, look out for drops in traffic. Specifically concentrate on the dates below:

  • April 19th 2012 - Panda
  • April 24th 2012 - Penguin
  • April 27th 2012 - Panda
When looking at my sites i set the time frame to April 1st - May 15th (2012).
Graph below provided by, you can see the dates clearly.
















NOTE: check that day in comparison to last week, month, year... just in case that specific time is a natural drop of traffic for you. As we all know Monday can differ very much from Wednesday in terms of traffic, and weekends differ to weekdays.

Now that you know which one hurt you... you can begin to implement a strategy to fix the problem.

Good luck!

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