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How to Tweet

We are not talking about tweeting like a little bird, we are talking about how to compose a tweet for Twitter!

If any of you have not heard about Twitter and what it is then you haven’t been paying attention to our emails!! – We shall presume that you all know what it is and its benefits to each department and the firm as a whole.

Hashtags – These are one of the most popular things that the Twitter craze has created, and now hashtags are not only used in Twitter but are now being used in the majority of Social Media sites for example a recently trending # tag was #saveourroyalmail. They are a way of grouping information together, as in Twitter you can follow hashtags so you can see what lots of different people are saying about a certain subject.

Below is a nice graphic that explains everything you need to know about a tweet!

anatomy of a tweet


Twitter Manners

You may well have heard people talking about how to communicate while on twitter, what you have to remember is that Twitter is a public profile and everyone can see your tweets so be careful what you write.

Here are a few tips to help you when talking online:

twitter manners

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