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Google adds ANOTHER way to verify Authorship – WordPress

This has to be a massive sign from  Google, they have pushed Authorship making it easier and easier to implement. They have created testing tools to help you also, i can't think of anything else Google has tried to help people with. I mean take Google Analytics there is no way to test Analytics you just have to wait and see whether visitors appear (well not that i know of). If there is something for Analytics, which you would hope there is!! Google definitely haven't made it of ease to access.

TIP: The way i test analytics is to utilise there real time tracking and then access the site from my phone or another device and you should see a visitor appear within real time 🙂

Anyway getting to the point! I think Google is putting a massive emphasis on Authorship, i also think it helps them work out networks that people post their content on. This can be seen as bad if you are a black hat spammer. However, if you are whiter than white then you have nothing to worry about and you can only see gains from this process. Not to mention is will massively increase your CTR, especially if your competitors don't use it.

Google+ Sign In Authorship Update

Google announced an even easier way to get your picture into the Google search results by adding automatic author attribution through Google+ signin.

Google has integrated Google+ Sign-In with Google’s authorship program. Now if you sign in to with Google, the articles you publish with that sign in will now be associated with your Google+ profile automatically.

That means, Google may more easily show your Google+ profile image in the rich snippet search results.

Google launched this today with a limited number of beta programs including WordPress and Typepad. Google said it also works on other sites including, WikiHow, and Examiner. Eventually, Google may increase support for this in the future.


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